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Exceptional Offerings of Intuz Chatbot


Empower the productivity of your sales and marketing workforce by automating the entire workflow.


Chatbots analyze users’ behavior and generate reports that help organizations in strategic decision making.


Stay connected with your customers 24×7 and enable them with all the required information in real-time.


Based on intelligence, companies can treat consumers in a very personalized way to maximize user engagement.


Through the advanced integration of API.ai, we enable businesses with a robust chatbot applications that deliver a natural and enjoyable conversational experience to the consumers. We don’t just deliver a mobile app! Intuz builds a platform that impresses the users with an engaging voice and text based conversational interface.


With the help of AWS Lex, we develop delightful and conversational interfaces for the chatbot applications using text and voice. Intuz builds sophisticated products using natural language in the mobile applications. To deliver highly engaging user experience, we develop revolutionary bots with automatic speech recognition that converts speech to text.

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